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Don't for a Good Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative essays can be the easiest to write when you get the gist of them.

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These essays go in favor of everyone’s instincts. Since all of us happen to be rather fond of our opinions, upholding them as true, and arguing in favor of them, hence, an argumentative essay can be the best thing ever!


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There are quite a few mistakes people make when they write argumentative essays. These essays tend to be based on the core argument you make. So the first step would undoubtedly be to ensure you never make the mistake of arguing for a point you cannot prove!


Mistake # 1: Not Backing the Claims


As a rookie essay writer, you need to create a basis for your argument. Collect the evidence. Essays need to rest on claims supported by evidence. Evidence is the key to a good argument. If you make a claim you can’t back up with proof, you have lost your grip over the wheel of a ship that has barely sailed.


Make “research, connect, write” your mantra. Jot all the points down. Make that argument stronger and stronger with every authentic source you come across. And here is the thing about authentic sources! Your essay needs them for the evidence to be strong!


When we talk of evidence, we always mean “good, strong, authentic sources”. Any kind of evidence just will not do! There are several beginners who make the mistake of choosing any source confirming their side of the argument.


While I know I would love nothing better than to just have the evidence for my claims if I were to write my essay, it always pays off to not be hasty! Particularly when it comes to those references.


Mistake # 2: Not Presenting and Refuting the CounterClaims


The most common, most consistent mistake everyone can and does make (if they don’t really know enough about essay writing) is thinking they need to only present one side of the argument! This could not be farther from the truth! If you go down that road, you (or the essay, for that matter) will be headed for a disaster!


To save the ship from a tremendous shipwreck, you need to be aware of the fact that there are always two sides to the argument. While writing an argumentative essay, you need to present both!


What is the point, you may ask? Well, here is a bit of schooling on the way arguments go! A good, strong argument always needs to discuss counterclaims. These claims don’t have to be portrayed as true or probable. You only need to present the counterclaims and use the strong, authentic evidence you have gathered to refute them.


Refuting the counterclaims one by one only will make your essay and the argument invincible! Doing so will only increase the logical coherence and rational basis of your argument!


So, don’t ever forget those counterclaims to your claims, otherwise, your argument will always be logically incomplete and weak.


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