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Dog Breeds That Have The Easygoing and Calm Personalities

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Among a long list of animals, dogs are the most common pets, even from a pet's point of view, as dogs are easy to train, loyal, calm, and easy-going on humans.

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Among a long list of animals, dogs are the most common pets, even from a pet's point of view, as dogs are easy to train, loyal, calm, and easy-going on humans. An ESA dog is common in the field of emotional support animals. It is because their results are just amazing, and they have a relatively long life span that makes them ideal for patients with stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental illnesses.


You might think after getting a realesaletter prescribed, that now everything is easy. You will get a dog without any further issues. But you still need to decide on the breed of dog you want. There are countless dog breeds that are available. However, that does not mean that every dog is ideal for your requirement. Or that any will be the best ESA, but that is not the case. Every dog has different traits; so, make sure you do your research on each breed.


The following account will help you know about different dog breeds that are capable of being an ESA. These breeds are calm, friendly, and easy-going such that you can keep them at your home too. For them, you can get an emotional support animal letter for housing without any doubt. Hence, now without any further ado, let's move to the best ESA breeds.


English Cocker Spaniel: You might think that such a fast-paced dog is not befitting as an ESA. But you are wrong, if you train these dogs accordingly, they are very easy-going and calm all the time. They are calm dog breeds and love to pat their owners. They are friendly and attentive; they attack anyone who endangers their owner.


Golden Retriever: It is the most popular dog breed. It is affectionate, caring, calm, easy-going, and playful. They are the best therapy dogs that keep your emotions optimal. They will first calm you down while you are feeling down. Then they will take you out for a walk to clear your mind and fulfill your body's physical requirements. Thus, they manage a person both emotionally and physically.


Pug: They are smushed-faced and are all cuddly and squishy with their owner. They can pat you all day long if you are feeling under the weather or have excessive stress. They are easygoing and have amazing instincts about everything. They will notice you keenly and take care of you with dedication. They are small, ideal dogs to keep at home such that everyone in your family will love them.


Bulldog: It is a super active dog that is swoon-worthy. They are strong and enjoy showing off themselves and boast of their instincts. They are a good companion of humans and take them out for social interaction and walking. They have a muscular build, but they will not harm the patient. They are cute and sit in the lap of their owner. You might think a bulldog will be stubborn and unfriendly, but they are not. They will heal you, and with you, they will be friendly.


Moreover, if they suspect any suspicious person, they will bark out to inform you that there is a danger sign. is an online platform that offers emotional support animal (ESA) letters to individuals who require them for travel or housing purposes. The site connects users with licensed mental health professionals who can assess their need for an ESA and issue them with an ESA letter. A offers a quick and convenient process for obtaining an ESA letter without the need for in-person appointments. The platform is an excellent option for individuals who require the emotional support of an animal but may face restrictions in bringing their pets with them.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: They are cute, sweet, calm, and have a jolly personality that all your family members will like. They are happy to stay at home with everyone. They curl up in the lap of their owner and keep them happy. These dogs are satisfied beings with lively faces that light up the whole environment. They are a small breed with a kind nature that keeps the owner happy. Despite their small size, they are intuitive, attentive, and strong enough to keep their owner safe.


Corgi: They are the most lovely, calm, and happy dogs that keep the happiness level of humans intact. They love to spend time with their owner and are always looking for ways to treat that person with warmth and affection. They have short legs and enjoy staying at home. They play inside the house with their owner and prefer to stay inside. They remain quiet and are the best ones to provide calming therapy to the patient.


Great Pyrenees: They are huge dogs of about 100 pounds in size, but they are as gentle as small animals. They have got no temper and are not stubborn at all. They are gentle, and caring, and act as a guardian for the whole family of the patient. They never leave their patient alone and be attentive to them. They are not very active dogs. So, if a patient is not interested in taking that dog for a walk. Then they should have this breed at home.


Border Terrier: The terrier family is known to be calm and easygoing. But the border terrier is an even more lovely and adorable one. They are less intense and never create a fuss like other terriers. They have a lot of energy for their owners and are affectionate. They are quite timed creatures and work on time. They like to play when it is playtime, but when it is resting time, you cannot get them up. They have no temper and get along with just anyone, which makes them an essential ESA.


Thus, these are a few dog breeds that are calm and easygoing. Then opt for any option from these breeds and keep it at your home to treat your mental illnesses.